A Coalition at work

On September 23rd I attended the Colorado Space Coalition (CSC) Committee meeting.

There was a good representation of academia, including the University of Colorado and Denver State University, industry, including Lockheed Martin and Ball Aerospace, and government.

I was invited to give a presentation on my study project and I used the opportunity to present a brief overview of the EU’s role in space.

The meeting started at a rather early hour (7:30 am) and was chaired by Major General Andy Love, Co-Chair of CSC (http://www.spacecolorado.org/about/leadership/). It was an excellent opportunity to watch the Colorado Aerospace Coalition at work. I was impressed by the sense of purpose and efficiency of the discussion, with interesting interventions that I would not attempt to reproduce in this blog. Three items in particular drew my attention and may serve to give a sense of what the CSC is about. The first was the discussion on maintaining Colorado priorities during Administration transition, presented by Vicky Lea, Director for Aviation and Aerospace, Metro Denver Corporation.  The intention of Colorado Space Coalition is to draft a paper identifying AeroSpace priorities that can serve to inform the incoming new Administration and help Senators and Congressional Delegation to better uphold those priorities in their dealings with the new Administration. The objective is, on one hand, to enlist at an early stage the new Administration’s support for Colorado aerospace priorities; and, on the other hand, to avert the danger that an Administration insufficiently aware of the significance of certain top projects may put them at risk when new policies and budget priorities be established.

The second particularly interesting item was a presentation given by Janet Fritz, Senior Director for Marketing and Technology at Metro Denver Corporation, on the coverage given by the TV channel CNBC to aerospace activities in Colorado (http://www.cnbc.com/2016/08/30/colorados-push-to-lead-the-space-race.html). The inside story was that CNBC Auto and Airline Industry reporter Phil LeBeau visited the aerospace sector web pages of Metro Denver Corp. and found the information so interesting that decided to run four short TV reports on aerospace in Colorado.

Both the preparatory work for the new Administration transition and CNBC free TV coverage are a good reflection of the sort of added value that Metro Denver Corporation and the Colorado Space Coalition bring in support of aerospace industry in Colorado.

The third intervention that I would like to mention was the one by Carol Carter, Founder and CEO of GlobalMindED (http://www.globalminded.org/stem.html). She made an interesting presentation of the first 2016 GlobalMindED. The Conference brings first-generation college students (students whose parents had no more than high-school education) together with educators, industry professionals, global entrepreneurs, policy makers, and the non-profit sector to allow those students to explore professional opportunities and give industry access to top students and graduates. The Conference pays special attention for opportunities for students in STEM-related fields, which includes opportunities in the aerospace sector.


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