Oakman Aerospace Inc.

Oakman Aerospace Inc. (OAI) describes itself as a small company (around 10 staff) that is past the star up phase and into the “managed growth” phase.

Oakman’s main product is the Advanced Configurable Open-System Research Network (ACORN) which, in layman’s words, is a space system modelling and simulation environment that assists customers in detailed design, development and test space flight software, components, systems and subsystems. The company offers three different scalable products and services that go all the way to a full modular (re-configurable) test bed spacecraft platform for integration of complete set spacecraft components and payload that allows full development, integration and test in support of the full development cycle and ground software and mission operations.

OAI is one of many small aerospace companies in Colorado providing high-precision responses for big or small space missions. Its strength lies in the capacity to provide solutions within remarkably short deadlines. As Stanley O. Kennedy Jr., President & CSE, explains, from a technological standpoint OAI can match and even better quality standards of much larger aerospace companies; however, these companies cannot compete with OAI’s capacity for customised response and product/service delivery times.

Stanley points out that no satellite systems are alike and the company offers customers the possibility of saving an enormous amount of time and money through their modelling, simulation and testing capacities. Much of this work can be done remotely via the internet utilizing Space Plug-n-Play Architecture (SPA) standards.

OAI has a strong international outlook and boasts a surprisingly large number of partnerships for a small company founded only four years ago. These partnerships include collaboration with DLR (The German Aerospace Center), the visible testimony of which is the picture of Dr Wörner (former Chairman of the Executive Board of DLR and current Director-General of the European Space Agency) and his team taken during their visit to OAI facilities.

OAI is very active in aerospace sector network activities as wells and in STEM promotion and outreach. Like other aerospace companies, it has strong links with academia. OAI offers a summer internship programme to high school and college students, which gives them the opportunity of hands on experience in a space research-focused work environment.



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