Thank you!

My Fellowship at University of Colorado – Boulder is over. After the Christmas break, I am back in Brussels looking forward to resuming my work with the EU Satellite Navigation Programmes Directorate – whose accomplishments in making European GNSS a reality are truly astonishing.

The final report of my Fellowship is practically ready and will be made public soon. I will come back to this blog when that happens.

Today’s will be a big “thank you” post. This is a quote from my report:

I would like to pay special tribute to Dr Max Boykoff, Director of the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research (CSTPR), who was my faculty host during my stay in Boulder. CSTPR provides a unique cross-disciplinary space where researchers can pursue science-technology-policy endeavours to fulfil that mission to improve how science and technology policies and politics meet societal needs. As Dr Boykoff points out, data obtained from space is critically important for environmental sciences and essential in science-based policy formulation and decision making for environment as well as for climate change mitigation and adaptation; he believes it is important for CSTPR to reinforce its capacity to tap the potential of remote sensing big data analytics. Dr Boykoff concurs with the opinion that the demand for interpretative data products and services, many of which may have environmental applications, will continue to grow and this is likely to have a positive impact in the development of commercial space.

Dr Boykoff was not only my faculty host, he truly was and will remain a friend.

I would also like to express my gratitude to Drs Abby Benson and Joseph Jupille and to all the wonderful people at the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research of the University of Colorado, in particular Robin Ann Moser; to Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Jay Lindell, of the Colorado Office for Economic Development and International Trade; to Vicky Lea, of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation; to Dr Michael Simpson, of the Secure World Foundation; and to Bradley Cheetham, of Advance Space, who, among other things, made sure I got invited to his Space Happy Hour. My gratitude goes also to Jean-Luc Bald, EU Delegation in Washington D.C., and to all the individuals who generously shared their time and views with me.



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